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Lumex QuasarBrite UVC LED is ready for the world. The wavelength is within 265 to 285nm and capable of disinfection

To accelerate the design of using this UVC LED into products.Lumex provides two different modules, an evaluation board and a demo board, for valuable customers to reduce the time of adapting UVC LED to practical use.
Lumex RGB
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ARL adds EI Sensors
Temperature sensing products including NTC & PTC Thermistors, RTD's plus a wide range of thermistor & RTD probe assemblies
EI Sensor
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Lumex RGB SMT Led 0303 package
Lumex RGB
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The new Field Plug Pro for 25Gbit and 40Gbit Ethernet

The Field Plug Pro is currently offered in a straight 180 ° and angled 360 ° Cat.6A variant for 10Gbit and as a Profinet variant for 10/100 Mbit.

Both are now extended to 25G and 40G!
Metz Field Plug Pro
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Lumex Newest Product Brochere'BR.
click picture for full brochere.
Lumex brochere
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Lumex is proud to announce the release of Digital LED Strips; SMS-100006-120-G5, SMS-100006-60-G5 and SMS-100010-60-G5; powered by Lumex Digital LED SMD-LX0707RGB-TR and SMD-LX5050RGB-TR.
Lumex digital-led-strip
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Connecting cables M12
Connection and interconnecting cables in different lengths are available for the 2-pair twisted pair M12 connection with D-coding as well as for the 4-pair twisted pair M12 connection of type X.
Metz interconnecting cables